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My seminars and workshops can help you discover how to apply the lessons I’ve learned during my journey. Contact me to speak at your school, university, or organization.

  • Keynote Seminar—How My Failures with LD Led to My Success in Life:

    Our greatest achievements often come after our biggest disappointments. Marc knows this better than most, because he’s experienced setback after setback with his LD. But once he learned that failure was a necessary part of his journey to success, everything changed. Join him for this eye-opening discussion as he recounts what he learned from his early struggles with LD / ADHD and how it led to success in college, business, and life. CONTACT >

  • Demystifying Dyslexia and other LDs / ADHD:

    Instead of providing answers, the complicated terminology of a neuropsychological evaluation can raise many more questions. I understand what you’re going through, because I’ve sat on both sides of the table: as someone with LD / ADHD trying to make sense of it all, and also as a trained clinician in child psychology. In this conversation, I’ll help translate what you’ve been told in an evaluation into layman’s terms, paving the way to help you build on strengths that lead to success in life. CONTACT >

  • I Know What Your Son Is Going Through*:

    Few things are more challenging than raising or being a teenage boy—particularly one with LD / ADHD. Discover how my parents and I came to master the challenges of my LD when I was growing up, setting the stage for my achievements as an adult. I can show you how a successful tomorrow is absolutely possible with the right support and skills—regardless of what today looks like. CONTACT >

    *“I Know What Your Son Is Going Through” can also be presented in a gender-neutral format.

  • What Every College Freshman with LD / ADHD Should Know:

    You’re graduating into a new life of hopes, fears, challenges, and opportunities—and for the first time, you’re almost entirely on your own. Join me for insights on navigating college with LD / ADHD and the importance of becoming an advocate for what you need. You’ll learn how to ask for accommodations and rally allies who can help, how to find classes that cater to your different way of thinking, and how to become more aware of your LD / ADHD. CONTACT >

  • Your First Job with LD / ADHD:

    Just when you’ve learned how to navigate through college with LD / ADHD, the real world is calling with your first job. I have practical advice on how to make the transition to professional life with the accommodations and allies you need, how to use your unique way of thinking to give you a competitive advantage, and how to build the fulfilling career you want. CONTACT >

  • Tapping Your Most Creative Resource—LD / ADHD Employees:

    In an innovation economy, great companies think outside the box by encouraging LD / ADHD employees to build entirely new boxes. In a conversation with HR leaders and organization managers, I’ll expose you to the inherent differences in the LD / ADHD brain, what make it capable of such valuable creativity for today’s economy. I’ll also show you how to structure an ADA-compliant environment that fosters collaborative innovation between LD / ADHD thinkers and the rest of the company. CONTACT >