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You’ll need strong allies to make your journey with LD / ADHD the success it can and should be. I can be one of your biggest supporters when you engage my consulting services specifically customized for your individual or organizational needs.

  • LD / ADHD Mentorship & Coaching:

    Think of me as a trainer at the gym. In these hourly sessions—in person or via Skype—I’ll coach you or someone you care about on what it takes to succeed with LD / ADHD. I’ll push you with an equal mix of compassion and toughness, because even though you need allies in your journey, your biggest and best ally has to be you. CONTACT >

  • Demystifying LD / ADHD through One-on-Ones:

    Clinicians are experts at diagnosing LD / ADHD in a neuropsychological evaluation. But not all are adept at making sure you understand the scientific terms they present—or what to do with them. In these hourly sessions—in person or via Skype—I’ll apply my expertise as a trained clinician with a master’s degree in child psychology to translate the findings of an evaluation into easy-to-understand information you can use. Together, we’ll demystify the findings to build a path toward success. CONTACT >

  • The Value of LD / ADHD at School or Work:

    According to government estimates, as many as 1 in 5 people have LD / ADHD. Cognitive diversity is increasingly recognized, and I’m here to help you unlock its potential for greatness. My one-on-one sessions—in person or via Skype—can help you lead your school, business, or organization into a new age where all thinkers are recognized and valued for the unique strengths and differences they bring to the table. I’m available for basic consulting or for developing and helping you implement a comprehensive Cognitive Diversity Program. CONTACT >

  • Finding the Place for You:

    Making the transition from one life stage to the next with LD / ADHD can be daunting—but I know how to help. I offer one-on-one consultations to identify the secondary schools, universities, or careers that best align with your strengths. Then I connect you with my team of education and career placement experts who can further help you pursue your dreams. CONTACT >